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Workbenches are used daily to work on parts such as jumpers and the steering 
300 ml of oil spills from each jumper and this oil is wasted due to improper methods of collection and cleaning
Due to the amount of force applied while hammering the bench keeps  moving from its stationary position causing lack of precesion in work.
The current workbenches are not designed according to the diverse proportions of the human body
1.1 info.png
Misplacement of small parts and avoiding the tools to come in contact with oil
info 2.1.png
Conserving maximum amount of oil as possible and easy to clean the remains
info 3.1.png
Adjusting the height of the workbench according to the convenience of the technician for efficient working


close up 10.1.png
Another half of the table is constructed of diamond plate aluminium providing a good traction.The embossed textures make the surface slip resistant and keeping the oily surface to come in contact with the tools and lastly diamond plate aluminum is easy to wash and can stand up to harsh chemicals and cleaning products.
The working of the bench is inspired by the scissor jack mechanism.When the crank is rotated clockwise the jack rises increasing the height of the bench, this can be adjusted according to the convenience of the technician.
Table top
The table top has a 0.5 degree slope so any oil on the surface automatically moves towards the drain, the oil then goes through the pipe and collects into a container below the table.
2/3rd of the table top uses an engineered material called "sorbothane".It is a viso-elastic polymer and has a very high damping coefficient. Sorbothane combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics.
The toolbox is attached to one end of the bench and placed above a ferrite magnet slab.This magnet will help keep the tools as well as the small components intact in the tools box reducing the risk of loosing them
NEW good render workbench.16.gif

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